Among its range of activities provided to the Jordanian market, TE Data's Jordan will introduce its global MPLS IPVPN service which is the outcome of special deals with international data carriers to represent them in the region. According to such agreements, the parties in question wish to provide to each other - on a reciprocal basis and using each other's network - national and global telecommunication services following the terms and conditions stated in their mutual agreement. Among other names, Telecom Italia Sparkle is one of the potential carriers to be included in such agreements. Following the same concept of a one-stop-shop, TE Data Jordan provides for its clients a single source of data services over its as well as its partners' network.

Global IPVPN [G-IPVPN] managed data services is a global networking solution that allows customers to connect worldwide using the network of the parties - involved in the agreement -available in major countries around the globe. Based on offering international IPVPN connectivity, this service is designed to serve customers who need to build high speed networks linking work groups in different locations.

It provides an extremely efficient managed service for modern data networking requirements with low delay, protocol transparency together with extremely efficient bandwidth sharing, flexibility and low cost. In other words, this service provides a worldwide managed service designed to handle fluctuating volumes of traffic efficiently, securely and cost effectively.